segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2008

Pescarolo Playstation C60 Judd Car

Spring Rate
F: 12.0
R: 13.0
Ride Height
F: 66
R: 67
Shock Bound
F: 7
R: 7
Shock Rebound
F: 7
R: 7
Camber Angle
F: 2.5
R: 1.0
Toe Angle
F: 0
R: 0
F: 5
R: 5

F: 5
R: 3

Limited Slip
LSD Init. Torque:
R: 15
LSD Acceleration:
R: 35
LSD Deceleration:
R: 15

Driving Aids
ASM Oversteer: a escolha
ASM Understeer: a escolha
TCS: 5

F: 63
R: 85

Auto - 15
Final 2.500

Fica ai um acerto a pedido do Danico.

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